Automate the paid in full process

Currently, we work the paid in full report by marking our exceptions, verifying that it is paid in full on the insurance side (or that we have the money needed to go pif, including suspense, that it is not pending death claim or previously been sent and looking at follow-up notes.  Example: for ones that the EPO process is complete, we verify that the pif was not mailed out on the original contract #.

The standard process is to mail the original and a copy to the funeral home.  Our list of exceptions is for those that we mail direct to the customer, etc.  Depending on the mail preference of the funeral home, we have to manually print the pif for the customer.

We need a workflow for paid in fulls for the standard procedure and our exceptions. 

We would like the cover page for the funeral home to automatically print with the paid-up certificate for mailing.  I am attaching a list of exceptions.

Sometimes the insurance side does not show paid in full so we need to verify the correct funds are received.  The funds in suspense plus the inception to date premiums should equal the paid in amount on the preneed side.  If those match, the pif can be mailed.  Hopefully, this verification can be programed and the standard paid-up certificates could be routed to mail.

If the difference is less than a $1.20 on the insurance, we pull the pull or push the funds accordingly.  The account we adjust is 440020. (over/short)

We will need a workflow process  for our exception as well.  This will save Angie and Angle lots of time each week and allow us to better control our exceptions.

If you  have questions, see Angie Dobbs or Elaine.

Release any that do not have the following exceptions: 
  1.     If the difference between modal and suspense is greater $1.20, leave on report or screen. 
  2.     If the difference between modal and suspense is less than or equal to $1.20, push or pull to over and short.
  3.     If contract is suspended for any reason leave on report or screen. 
  4.     If add-on, release but do not generate a PIF certificate.
  5.     If cancel re-issue, check to see if PIF certificate has been generated previously for the original contract, if yes, release and do not generate PIF certificate, if no, generate and automatically release.

  1.     Add difference between modal and suspense to  CCS200S1CUSTOM.
  2.     Make policy number hyperlink that takes to Policy Inquiry  POS210. 

To paper report: 
  1.      Remove Address from report. 
  2.      Add difference between modal and suspense. 
  3.      Add paid in amount, cost basis, and insurance suspense.

Workflow Changes
  1.     See Excel sheet in idea
  2.     Print all PIF's on the same paper.
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