The DUFPolicyData table is growing quickly with unnecessary records

While investigating some values, I noticed that we had almost 216,000 records for the NTLPYMTH table.  Of those only 13 had an actual value - the rest all had 0.  There really is no reason to write a record with 0 value.  These records are written each time a payment comes in to signify if a billing fee has been collected for the insurance payment.  Most of the insurance payments will have no billing fee because it is collected on the preneed side.  Removing all the zeros and preventing future entries will save a lot of file space.  I believe it also hurts the access time when inquiring on a policy.  This has only been done for part of this year, so no telling how big it's going to get if we don't work on it now.

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  • Sep 16 2016
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