Changes needed to the Paid in Full Non Insurance report

1. There is a column for insurance suspense...we need this only to reflect insurance suspense and not pre-need suspense.

2. If the status of the contract is not premium paying or paid up no certificate needs to generate.  Also if contract has been suspensed - do not generate a PUC.

3. If a PUC has already been generated for a contract, we do not want another to generate with the same number or a new number do to EPO or contract modification, ex FA1234567 - FA1234567A.

  (until this is corrected can you put all contracts with an A, B C, etc be put on this list so that we can verify that only one PUC goes in the mail.)

4.  We have put in a ticket for the coverpages not generating with each PUC.  We need a 2 coversheets per PUC - one for the FH and one for the customer.  Some have both, some only have one and some have none.  Kyle told us we could update this, we will need assistance with this, we just need to make sure it is programmed correctly then if we need to update the template we can.




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  • Sep 19 2016
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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