It would be very helpful if special reports for the State Illinois were available to the funeral home and manage online

We do special reports for the state of Illinois, the comptroller report and the consumer report.  The consumer report is a listing of new business every 6 months (1-1 thru 6-30 and 7-1 thru 12-31) and the comptroller report is their annual report.  Karl Scharman, the new MCM, is here training and he asked if these reports could be made available online once they were generated.  This would prevent us from having to mail or email them out. 

Amy Biggs does some user intervention on these reports and will be a good resource.

This will save us some time and be very convenient for the funeral home and managers.

Thank you, Elaine

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  • Sep 21 2016
  • Already exists
I need it... Quarter
  • Sep 22, 2016

    Admin Response

    This is already something that exists. We have a few document types in ImageNow that show up for funeral homes called Annual Report and Consumer Report. You can put these in ImageNow and index them to the funeral home and they will see them online.

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