Policies listed on commission statements sorted by policy number, as well as in chronological order

Currently the lines within statements, I believe, are sorted by policy number. When adjustments are made to policies, however, they appear to be in random order. This makes it difficult for the agents to read.

In the example attached, the agent's commission statement shows a new policy (OH1360886) that also had a reversed down payment due to insufficient funds. We made the adjustments to move the commissions to reserves in order to offset the chargeback. After that, the owner of the policy made the payment which reinstated the policy. However, none of these events are shown in chronological order on the statement. Not only is this difficult for the agent to follow, but it is difficult for us to ensure accuracy.

I have put numbers in red showing the order that the lines would be in if they were in order.


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  • Sep 22 2016
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