Waive $2 fee on billing notices (IN) and coupon books (CB) for all converted trust contracts.

Instead of passing the billing fees on to the contract holder, the commission to the funeral home will be lowered to cover the cost when the FH opts to send bills. Please program the system to exclude trust unpaid plan codes from the $2 fee for billing methods IN and CB.  Mark France will issue new plan codes whenever the growth rate is changed, so it will possibly need to be updated annually.  2016 plan codes affected are:  TX 1.9% = T2141F, T2142F, T2143F,  T2144F / TX 1.5% = T2161F, T2162F, T2163F, T2164F / MS = TMS10F 

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  • Nov 1 2016
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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