Send check by phone letter (when requested only) directly to mail correspondence

Check by phone letters are optional to mail out to the customer.  When we need a letter, we currently have to wait until accounting pulls the check by phones to process before the letter will generate.  When it generates (normally the next business day) we have to remember to go get it and send it to mail.  It currently goes to adhoc>date>policy owner services and it is there to print & mail.  It would take A LOT of remembering/stress off the customer service and call center teams if this could automatically go into mail correspondence in imagenow, so we don't have to worry about it.


** The check by phone is being emailed to the FH.  We do NOT send this letter to the FH.  Please remove the FH preference from the template.  We had a FH call yesterday wanting to kow why they needed to know the customer made a payment, FA1374401 & FA1383436**

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  • Dec 1 2016
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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    December 5, 2016 19:12

    This will need to automatically put the name of the processor on the letter as well.

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    December 5, 2016 19:14

    It also seems that this letter is being sent to the FH if the FH is on email billing.  This letter does not have a cc to the FH (we have never sent the FH a copy).  Please do not send this letter via email to any FH.