CB or IN when on online email notifications?

If a customer is on coupon book effective 2016 - they have a $2 billing fee.  If they go online and change to email notifications so they no longer have the billing fee, can that change, change them to IN so when their next billing is due it will email a link to their online statement?  Will they get a link to an online statement if online email is their preference and they are on coupon book?


Thanks, Teresa

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  • Jan 11 2017
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    Kyle Swearingen commented
    January 12, 2017 15:01

    If they are on coupon book and select email notification they will still get a coupon book in the mail and they will still get the fee. What we can do is if they are on coupon book and they switch to email notification we can notify customer service or whoever so that you can reach out to them and confirm if they would like to switch to email bill. Would that work?

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    January 12, 2017 20:03

    I visited with Amy and we think the best option is that if a customer wants to go on email notifications, that another box pops up and tells them that "everything" they get from us will be via an email link.  This way they know that we will not be mailing anything to them.  Then if they click 'ok' it will change GIAS to IN or it will notifiy customer service that we need to put on IN.