Automatic FUN creation for Claim Quotes - Easy Button AND Long Method

This piggy-backs on the idea that Addison already talked to Kyle about. When we use the easy button to run a death quote, it automatically generates a follow up note, and now  (as I understand) we will be able to choose how we are sending the quote, so a second FUN will be created automatically, eliminating the need to go back to the Policy Notes and entering it manually.


Would it be possible to do the same thing from one of the screens that we use when we run the death quote manually? Giving us also the ability to specify any additional documentation we send with quote? A check box, perhaps: W9 form, ASMT, LPA, need sec A, etc...?


If you need clarification, please feel free to come see me. Thanks.

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  • Mar 8 2017
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I need it... Not Sure -- just thought it was cool
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