Reduce printing of claim letters

Once a death claim is paid we email or fax a copy of the death certificate to the funeral home. A letter is generated and we receive a copy of that the next day from a report that Jessica Ahrens pulls & prints from.  This has a list of all the letters, many of the funeral homes do not want the letter and direct deposit slip mailed to them.  All letters are printed and we individually go through them to match them up with the direct deposit receipt/check.  My idea is to create a way in GIAS to identify when these letters are to be mailed.  Ryon Williams suggested a button, very similar to the button we currently have on whether to email the FH.  The button could even be on the same screen, default to a yes and if we show that they do not want the letter we can change to no and it will not print on the next mornings report.

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  • Mar 10 2017
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