Ability to use the Display contract screen for most information, thus not having to go to multiple screens. This will save time.

This list is lengthy, however, adding these to the display contract screen will save time changing screens to look for information. None of them are new just on different screens.  Here is the list:

Items to add to the Display Policy Contract page

Add to left column


  1. Past due amount if less than 6 mo past due                                                    (under non-insurance info)  Add to Right column
  2. Bank Name (if on bank draft)                                                                                12. contract #/Trust #
  3. Routing number                                                                                                      13. Original contract Amount    
  4. Account number                                                                                                      14. Down Payment
  5. Last draft date                                                                                                          15. Number of payments
  6. Next draft date                                                                                                          16.  Number of  payments remaining
  7. Status of account                                                                                                     17. Current/outstanding balance
  8. Agent                                                                                                                          18. Premium Paid In
  9. Agent #
  10. Owner
  11. Payor


Fields not used in the first column                                                                               Fields not used in the second column

collection Fee                                                                                                                   collection Fee

employee #                                                                                                                       Variable Class

Employee Location                                                                                                          Auto premium loan amount

Employer ID                                                                                                                       Reinsurance Type

Separation Date


There are several blank lines as well.

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