ability to print a policy note to image now without using print screen

Customer service now has a call center and a processing team.  Many times in the call center (more often in the future) we take calls requesting things such as IN to ET changes, FH change forms, beneficiary forms, just to name a few.  the call center team does not have the time to complete the request.  We put the request in policy notes, do a print screen, change the printer to image now and then we are able to enter it into image now workflow to be worked by the processing team.  It isn't rocket science, but it is time consuming and more often than not, our phone is ringing again for another call and possibly something else that needs to be put into image now. I think this would benefit other departments as well.  It would save time and allow us to be better serve our customers.

  • Mary Beth Hensley
  • Mar 10 2016
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