Create a place to put Policy and AC Letter mailing preference in Gias

Currently we have an excel spreadsheet with the preferences for mailing policies and AC letters.  Only people who know where the spreadsheet is and have access to the spreadsheet can reference it.  If someone gets a call about where a policy or AC letter was sent, they have to get in touch with Karen or I.  It would be nice if they could just go into the FH information in Gias and see what the FH preference is.  Also having a place to input this information in Gias would be the first step to making policies and AC letters more automated. 

  • Jama Lea Stacy
  • Mar 17 2016
  • Not Planned
I need it... Not Sure -- just thought it was cool
  • Apr 18, 2016

    Admin Response

    After talking with both Jessie and Amy, we agreed that the FH follow up notes is the best place for this. Jessie is also working on trying to eliminate many of these exceptions. Therefore, we will not be performing any work on this particular idea. Keep the ideas coming!

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  • Admin
    Kyle Swearingen commented
    March 17, 2016 19:00

    Could you just share the spreadsheet with others so that they can reference it when they need it and wouldn't have to call you? The automation for this is already being handled in ImageNow and it sounds like you just need a better way to share how everyone is setup.

  • Jama Lea Stacy commented
    March 17, 2016 19:42

    I'm not sure if there would be universal place where everyone would be able to get to it.  The other problem is that we would have to teach everyone how to interpret the spreadsheet and where to look for what they need.  Gias is universal and everyone knows how to look at a FH in it.  As far as the automation, every state has exceptions to the rule.  We group everything by state and choose the most common way policies and AC letters are sent in that state.  The spreadsheet that I am talking about has 3 tabs because there are so many exceptions.  Those policies that go to the 03 Send Policy Pages queue have to be worked individually. 

  • Admin
    Kyle Swearingen commented
    March 17, 2016 21:28

    Starting 3/21 you can share the spreadsheet via OneDrive.

  • Amy Biggs commented
    March 18, 2016 13:28

    We have Funeral Home Notes in the funeral home master now.  Could we keep the preferences there? Then the access is controlled within GIAS and is easily maintained and accessed.