Track FH Budget by Year#, instead of by "This Year" or "Last Year"

Currently the Budget field on the Funeral Home level is set as "This Year" and "Last Year", and a routine runs each 31 December/1Jan  to move the "This Year" budget into the "Last Year Budget" field, and the "Last Year Budget" field gets moved into a table which tracks the old budgets by year - so on 1 Jan 2016, the "Last Year" budget was moved out into a separate table that now shows the 2014 budget as being whatever the "Last Year" budget was on 30 December. 

We need to change this to set the budget by year. So, instead of the budget for 2016 being, say, $100,000 for FH00001234 and being stored in the "This Year" budget field, it would be tracked in the historical table, where it would be tied to the Year number - 2016. This would require no routines to update, ever, and would establish a nice budget history going forward, as well as allow operations to preload budgets into the Production side of GIAS without having to worry about messing up the "This Year" budget field, as they would just load it into the 2017 field (or whatever year is appropriate).

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  • Mar 21 2016
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